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His work has been featured in :-

Witches Mag, Friday Mag, Psychic People, Tiawan Guide, New York Times, Dinosaurmag, Tehran-Times, Spiritworks, Horoscoping, Daily Mail, Awakenings, Charisma-mag, Zerotine, Womans Own, TipTop, Starseed, Freethinker, Dark World, The Healer, Psychic sense of Knowing, House of Neptune, Alpine Nirvana, Circle Sanctuary, SpirituL Enlightenment, The Green Egg, White Nights Paranormal Underground, The moon and Goddess, Alternative, Shindig, Spritfind, Your Health, More To Life, Fate and Fortune, Healing Springs, Sound of Heart, Healing Path,  Shadow, Divinator, Moscow Psychics, Network, Galaxy, Healers Journal, Psychologists Newsletter, Peter Pan, Sabotage, Best Psychics, Psychc gloss, Health, Psychic guidepost, Attune, BodyMindSoulSpirit, Psychic Health, Conscious Community, Spirit of the Times, Destiny, Truth Consciousness, Chat its fate, Becoming psychic, Psychic Creations, Conscious Community, Inner Realm, Soul Path, Spiritual Wisdom, Verge, Chakrashack, Choice health, Counselor, Fabulous, Bizarre, Psychologist Weekly, Khabar, Foam, Epilogue, Beyond, Faemag, Choice-Health, Kaz, Wisdom Cosmic, GB Insight, Paranormal people, Gemini, Zeus,Tarotellers, Healing World, Psychic Healers, Child Counselor, Nine Houses, Help The Earth, Wonderful Life, Animal welfareTimeless Spirit, Vision, Life positive, Natural Mystic, Around Town, Wisdom, Ether, Bale-Fire, Sixth Sense, Progress, Welldone, Pagan Pages, Zbudapest, Namaste, Little greys, Necrotic Tissue, Rise Earth, Helter SkelterAround-Town, MSmag,Samudrike Shastra, Mad Publications, Emag Monthly, Serendippity, Wellbeing, Sunshine, Peace Healers, Waking Times, Earthstar, Connections, Spriritlove, Aspire, Living Now, Nova, Bellesprit  Psychic life, Magenta, Lifestyle, Jigsaw, Mosaic,  Goodnews, Starzcast, Mystic Living, Enchantment, Light Gatherings, Light and Life, 4 corners, Think-Holistic, Healing Springs, Guiding Lights,  Paradigm Shift, Insight, Sixth -Sense, Countryside Journal, At of Healing and Inner Realms, Spirit Guide Mag, Paravault, Trueblue Spirit, NY Spirit, Bridges Buffalo Nature Spirit, Vampire Monthy, Health Alternatives, Aquarius Mag, Oracle 20-20, Boloji, Psychology Today,  Starseeker, Spirit Pathfinder, Spiritual Care, Psychic Voice, Psychic News, Psychic World, Chat Its Fate, Spirit-Guide, Hindu Gazette Exorcists Directory, Spirit Healers, Mysterious Universe, Womens Intuition Talk, Paranormal, Strange World, Wintersteel, Input, Lightenlife, Emerald Energies, Ghostmag,  Everything Paranormal, UK Ghosts, Zodiac Mag, New Visions, Life Positive, New Age Journal, Philosphic Journal, Twinisles, Alldestiny, Spirit Pathfinder, Spheres, Spirit Guide, Starbeacon, Inlight Times, Hedra News, Rainbow News, Esoteric Weekly, Healers Directory USA, Psychic Magazine, Ellisctaylor, Christian Families, Daily Sun, The Hindu and the Dead and Undead, Kindred Spirit, Nine Houses, Astrological-Newsletter, Haunted America, New Age Journal, UFO Digest, Mental Health Review, Spiritual Dawn, Truthstar, Phenomena, Healing Springs, Zeusmag, Astral World, Abductions, One World Spirit,  Hotspotz, Ghostworld, Chupacabramag, Paranrmal, Silent Voices, Saptarish, Inspiral, Viswas, Alldestiny, Odyssey, Hauntings, Christianity, Synchronicity,Inspiral, inspired Times, Top 10 psychics, Psychic Sentinel, Spirit Healing, Euphoria, and Mystic-Jitterbuzz to name a few.

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