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Only available previously through the fan club, but now available to buy via Amazon.

This book was first written 30 years ago, which now fetches high prices on ebay. It has now been enlarged, expanded, and reprinted.


Spheres Spirit Guide, 'We thought not another palmistry book, but this book is not old rehashed material its the total of over half a  century of readings on an almost daily basis.'

Mosaic Magazine, 'A landmark book packed with great info and a must for all collectors.'

Beacons Magazine, 'This book tells you how to recognise talents and time events in the life with great accuracy.'
Sixth Sense Magazine, 'A long awaited book from an author long recognised as the UKs best practitioner.'
Lightworker Spectrum, 'A great took for discovering who you really are, and what you should be doing.'
Alternative Healer Magazine, 'This book must be read by all complimentary therapists.'
The Palmistry Shop, 'We welcome this book from a man who has given his amazing skills  free for hospital open days churches hospice and handicapped school fundraising, for over 50 years, definitely the peoples palmist.'


Oracle Mag, 'T. Stokes has been educating us for a number of years. I am delighted to see that he has put his wealth of knowledge into a book.' 

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